Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chicken Guinea

What a fever is this? Chicken Gunea!

i had to stay @ Home for around 5 days because of this Fever & had to suffer a lot coz of this fever!

Chicken Guinea is a high fever accompanied wit joint stiffness & pains when bit by a mutant mosquitoes (usually with white patches over the legs & are usually seen only in the day light) symptons- high fever with joint pains & stiffness lasting for 4 days causes - 1 and only cause is by mosquito bite and is deadly in some cases if ignored.

Doctor asked only for Rest+have liquid stuffs for Hungry! Anyhow once the fever is over i cant eat anything coz the i wont feel any taste of anything! For that only liquid stuffs is good! Thanks my mama & for my family siblings to help me in this situation! I pray Almighty to not to give this fever for anyone!